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    Плато Путорана


    On the territory of Krasnoyarsk region, at the border with the Taimyr Peninsula, in permafrost there is one of the most neglected and hard-to-reach region of our country – the Putorana plateau – the land of a thousand waterfalls and lakes, the dream of many travelers!

    You will find a fascinating journey through this exclusive route.
    Tourism on the Putorana plateau is only at the beginning of its origin, you can get there from Norilsk city, but only by water or by air, there are no other transport routes and familiar tourist trails here! Most part of the plateau is a Putoransky nature reserve. We have developed an optimal route that is accessible to both adults and children.

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    July 12, 2020 - August 25, 2020

    The Putorana Plateau

    • Low
    • from 8
    • 7 days
    • 8-12 people
    • Provides

    from 1 700 $ / person*

    * Individual attitude to the price
    Плато Путорана



    We have a huge experience in
    traveling this direction



    Private boat
    on the Putorana plateau



    Fishing in lakes

    and rivers of the plateau



    Be sure to take
    your children with you



    Exclusive route from

    experienced travelers

    Few words about this location

    On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk territory, on the border with the Taimyr Peninsula, in the permafrost there is one of the most poorly

    studied and inaccessible regions of our country – the Putorana plateau, the land of thousands of waterfalls and lakes, the dream of many travelers!



    You will have a fascinating journey along an exclusive author’s route. Tourism on the Putorana plateau is only at the beginning of its origin, you can get here from Norilsk, but only by water or by air, there are no other transport routes and the usual tourist trails here! Most of the plateau is the Putoransky nature reserve. We have developed an optimal route that is accessible to both adults and children due to its complexity.

    -arrange some hiking and climbing to the plateau and visit the places with amazing view, inspect them with the best viewing areas
    -go fishing in lakes and waterfalls, where are a large number of the grayling, pike, trout, perch, whitefish
    -organize a water trip on the lake Lama
    -visit several beautiful waterfalls of plateau
    -the presence of suitable weather conditions, arrange for the overnight in tents near one of the waterfalls
    -visit russian banya
    -rest 100% body and soul
    -make a multitude of colorful photos and videos for good memory

    for an additional fee, you can book a helicopter tour to fly around the most colorful areas of the Putorana plateau. During this walk you will see the highest waterfalls in Russia, deep canyons from a bird’s eye view. In the same time helicopter flight is one of the best ways to reach your destination on the plateau, excluding traveling by water.


    We start from Norilsk, where you should arrive  by yourself. Tickets should be purchased in advance (preferably 1-2 months in advance). We can also help you with your ticket purchase, you must contact the organizers.

      1 day  

    -Arrival in Norilsk, gathering the group at the boat parking place.
    -Transfer to Lama lake, approximately 3 hours by private water transport.
    -Accommodation at the recreation center.
    -Helicopter ride as one of the ways to get to your destination (should be planned in advance and paid separately).

      2 day 

    -Ascent to the Putorana plateau (depends on the weather). On this day we will arrange a trekking trip to one of the peaks of the plateau, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the lakes and mountains. Average physical training is required today. We will make a lot of photos and videos from one of the peaks of the Putorana plateau.

      day 3  

    -Water trip. By boat we will go on a trip to lake Lama, admire the scenery of the plateau from the water.
    Fishing at the lakes. We will stop at a secret place, have a fishing trip at the lake and the whole trophy will be our lunch and dinner, which we will prepare ourselves. We will definitely learn how to cook one of the most popular dish of the russian north – sugudai.

      day 4  

    -Trekking walk to the waterfalls. On this day we will just walk and enjoy the beauty of the tundra, visit 3-4 waterfalls which are located about 15-20 km from the base, if you wish, you can also organize fishing on this day.

      day 5 

    -You have free time in the morning. At the request of the group, you can also organize a trekking trip on the tundra, collecting northern berries and mushrooms. In summer on the Putorana plateau you can find a huge variety of different types of berries: cranberries, shiksha, currants, cranberries. These berries perfectly quench thirst and saturate your body with the most necessary vitamins and elements. You also need to collect things for the next departure from the base.
    In the afternoon, you will be transferred by boat back to Norilsk city, check in at the hotel.
    At the request of the group (and it is depending on the weather), you can stay overnight in tents in a very picturesque place. We’ll take our sleeping bags and everything we need with us.

      day 6  

    -Excursion to Norilsk (GULAG) or excursion to Dudinka – the northernmost city and port of Federal significance.
    If on the previous day we stayed on the Putorana plateau with overnight staying in a tent, then after lunch transfer to Norilsk and check in at the hotel. The tourist will book the hotel on this day and pay for it on their own.

      7 day 

    -Departure home from the airport in Norilsk by schedule. Usually, flights to major Russian cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, etc.) are departure in the morning.

    If weather conditions prevent any planned activities, the tour program can be changed, i.e. the scenario of one day will change to another.


    We buy all the most necessary products in advance (cereals, vegetables, meat, etc.), and you will also have the opportunity to visit a supermarket in Norilsk, if you have individual food preferences. Camp meals are prepared by guides, but we always welcome the help of group members in cooking! A variety of dishes from freshly caught fish, because fishing in full-flowing rivers and lakes with a large number of fish is part of our daily activity! We will learn how to cook sagudai or “pyatiminutka” – a national dish of Northern cuisine.


    From the first to the fifth day of our tour, we will live at the base in comfortable conditions. There are double and single beds with a set of bed linen. There is also a kitchen with everything you need for cooking and eating. At the request of the group, from the fifth to the sixth day, an overnight stay in tents is organized in a picturesque canyon with a waterfall. Subject to adverse weather conditions, we will change the plan and move to Dudinka for an excursion to the northernmost port of our country.

    What should I take with me?

    • thermal underware
      – windproof membrane jacket and trousers (or storm suit)
      – socks and gloves 2 pairs (+thin gloves)
      – removable shoes (sneakers, Slippers)
      – fleece jacket
      – trekking shoes
      – cap, warm cap
      – small backpack for day hikes
      – sunglasses
      – raincoat
      – mosquito nets, repellents
      – individual first aid kit, individual packing for personal documents
      – water bottle (thermos 1l)
      – powerbank
      – personal hygiene
      – waterproof backpack 25L (ocean pack)
      – fishing tackle, if you anticipate fishing
      – headlamp flashlight
      – folding knife

    The total weight of the backpack should not exceed 50-60 liters per person!
    All these things are very important when traveling, it is advisable not to miss or forget anything.

    Additional expenses?

    Included in the price:

    -all transfers and drop-offs, petrol (private water transport on the plateau)

    The price does not include:

    -flights to Norilsk city and back
    -hotel in Norilsk city (required from 6 to 7 days of travel). The hotel is booked in advance, and the organizers can also help you with this
    -russian banya on the Putorana plateau
    -buying souvenirs

    do we Take children?

    Of course Yes! Urban children find themselves in a different reality – a world without mobile communication, city bustle, shops and noise. They have an opportunity to experience the inspiration of a researcher, to feel the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

    Important: permission to Putoransky nature reserve!

    Approximately 1.5 months before arrival, copies of tickets and passports are required in order to order passes to the Putoransky nature reserve for the entire group. Without this permission, travel to the territory of the reserve is prohibited even if you have tickets and hotel reservations!

    Who will accompany me on my journey?

    You will be accompanied by two experienced guides throughout your trip.

    Survival in the tundra, part 1
    Survival in the tundra, part 2
    What to bring to the Putorana plateau

    Leave a request and we will tell you about it

    on what dates can I catch the most

    big fish on the Putorana plateau


      Bureev Rustam

      An incredible journey that I dreamed about for three years after I watched the movie “Territory”. Thanks to the excellent team of organizers, Katerina and Alexander – they managed to realize this dream.
      A break from the city bustle is possible only in the wild nature! And the Putorana plateau is one of the best places for this.

      Babenyshev Gleb

      Putorana plateau was my dream, which was so close in my childhood . 35 years ago I left Norilsk without having possibility been there. An incredible lucky chance and Alexander List made my dream come true. Crazy waterfalls, fabulous fishing and beautiful climbing – all this will stay in my memories forever.

      Moskovko Marianna

      This incredible and unexpected trip for me showed how much in my life I have not seen, tried and did not know! Many thanks to Alexander and Ekaterina for good organization of this tour! Full of excitement, lots of impressions and not a drop of disappointment! Let the Putorana Plateau stay as mysterious and inviting as always!

      Hisamutdinov Renat

      Thanks a lot to Alexander and the team for the trip! A very rich program, a lot of impressions from the purity of lakes and untouched nature! A lot of excitement, a lot of emotions, we came to forget the city’s problems and it was 100% successful!!!

      Kuchuk Mikhail

      Wild untouched nature and isolation from civilization allowed us to look at the world from other view. It was a complete recharge and the best adventure of my life! I’ve always been in love with the Server and now it’s become a part of my soul

      Nayanov Dmitriy

      For those who like to travel, there is a unique opportunity to visit places where almost no civilization! Stunning mountain landscapes, striking lakes, numerous waterfalls-all this can be endlessly enjoyed on the Putorana Plateau. Thanks to Alexander and the team, who built a unique route and provided an opportunity to feel the charm and beauty of another corner of our vast Russia.

      Abragimova Natalia

      Dreams should come true! Trample the earth on the Putorana Plateau was my childhood dream! After all, this is a separate world on our planet! Untouched, clean, mysterious and incredibly powerful! Thank you very much for the opportunity to see this fairy tale and feel it! Our adventure will stay in my memory forever!

      Bogomolov Alexander

      The impression of the trip is stunning! It’s like jumping with a parachute, the memories will last a lifetime! A magical place of power! I would like to express my gratitude to Alexander List for organizing this tour to the Putorana plateau. And of course I would like to visit the Russian North again! @bogomoloffsan

      Efremova Anzhelika

      That was awesome! Nature, mountains, lakes – you should see everything with your own eyes, walk with your feet and feel with your hands. Our journey was powerful, cool, and exciting. I wish everyone could visit this place, drink the purest water, conquer mountains of the Putorana Plateau and relax there. Recharge! Thank you for the unreal emotions!

      Alexander Voronin

      Cool extraordinary tour! And we have chosen a great period when it is really warm on the plateau! I was lucky enough to get here during the polar night, it’s impossible to forget! For those who are going on a trip to the Putorana plateau, a tip: be sure to take a helicopter tour, you will see the most secluded corners from a bird’s eye view!

      Andrey Kulichkin

      I’m very happy that i could take my children to this tour. Incredible emotions from all the views of the Putorana plateau!

      Special thanks to Alexander for the incredible Northern fish dishes, it’s fantastic! Kids were more excited than me even! This is a vacation for real men!

      Oleg Arakcheev

      I love the tour and the Putorana plateau itself! A real lost world! The rest turns out to be wild, you completely disconnect from problems, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. But most of all I liked fishing on the waterfalls!